What is exfoliators used for


       Exfoliation   involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's Epidermis layer. The Process of removing this dead skin has been around since Ancient Egypt.  Kings, Queens other members of society were always on the hunt for the fountain of youth, that special elixir. The kings, Queen’s, other members of Royalty adopted these skin care techniques that were once part of the Egyptian pharaohs and queens, daily own skin care practices.   These Skin care techniques prolong skins aging wrinkling, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. These sun damage imperfections can be treated by Exfoliation and other skin care products.  Exfoliate removes these imperfections and brightens and tightens. Leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated!
      Scientists and Doctors are always developing new Exfoliation cosmetic formulas to maintain your Healthy skin types.   These products now being developed are not just geared towards women.  Dermatologists are reporting more, and more men are making appearances in their offices.  This leads me to believe, men are caring just a little bit more about their appearance and that’s ok.  Well I say, "It's about time!" They are now making Products geared towards men more, then before.  Products for Men, do make it easier for those men to come out of hiding  because  they too, what to look younger and feel better about their skin.  I think Men are Finally realizing that companies are taking an interest in what’s in their best interests. Men have been using shaving cream and  a aftershave, thinking it was taboo for them to use a moisturizer or exfoliator.  Some men find it taboo to use skin care products. But you must See the Avon Products For men, they are very masculine in look but the most important part is the formulas. 




     Skin we all have it ....   Women, Men, Transgenders whether your Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual   Don't worry I'm not calling y'all out.  I'm Just  letting you know that it is Ok, I understand we all have Skin and it needs to be taken care of. 
      Everyone's skin gets  dry and everyone usually moisturizers  But why just  stop There?  Skin care is Important because we all need  to maintain our individual skin care issues, everyone has them! Whether if your skin is normal to dry,oily, if your skin is sensitive, to severely sensitive. Using a moisturizer is good for keeping your skins  texture, and in tone.  A good product that I found is called Anew. this product Line is carried by Avon. I know you think Avon. I didn't think they had skin care products.  as a matter of fact their product line is very extensive in regards to all skin types and your needs.  And You can purchase In the privacy of your own home which is wonderful. 


Avon and base and primers


 A primer is a cosmetic cream that can be purchased and used as a barrier for your face. A primer is also formulated to help your makeup stay longer because of its moisturizing quality to it. There are lid and face Primers. But, to tell  you the truth, The facial primer and the lid primer is the exact formula. They just market them in different jars to make you believe that you need that too.
      The fact is that everything has a purpose but, think about it before you add another product to your face. Do I need a primer? the answer is not really  IF... your going out and you know your going to build layers of  product.  Or you use a lot of product to conceal your blemishes.
      Again Primer is your barrier between you and the foundation. Think of it this way  you don't paint a car without using a primer first. Not that your face is a car, but if you need good coverage makeup do to imperfections that you want to hide. If you know your going to be using  a lot  product, then purchase the primer. It will help smooth out your makeup. How it does this is Imagine a painter, a painter starts on a white fresh clean surface. Although primers are not colored it coats the face with fillers and creates a barrier so you have a smoother surface to work on. But you need to think is my pores being effected by this? Yes, you need to think  that everything has a functionality. A moisturizer before the primer would be the best.
     A Clean fresh face, over your moisturizer.  you can use a messaging motion to apply  it to your face. More is not better so don't go over board you will just be wasting your product.  Always let every step of your makeup dry as you add another product. You always want to make sure your products are dry before adding another element or putting another product on.
       Make sure all the primer is dry, If you choose to skip the primer you can if your using a Moisturizer with S.P.F. Sun Protection Formula.  As for me I don't us primers unless I'm doing theatrical makeup.  For commercials or stuff like that were your going to wear a heavy make up.



Get your Avon Advance Techniques hair color now!: Check out the new hair look I created using Avon's Try It On tool! Upload your own photo to try on hair color shades. For a limited time Avon is using a virtual makeover hair color feature.
      The holidays are right around the corner. Do you sometimes wish you can try a color before you purchase it.  I'm sure we all wish we have thought trying out a new color before that family dinner. Wow, what was I thinking, I have made some pretty interesting hair choices right before a family get together or that special date, you know the one. We are always trying to make a good impression, so instead of this time surprising ourselves with, WHAT THE HAIR! Try out a color on your recent photo first.  So that  OH, No  I didn't, will  become a GET, A LOAD, OF ME....
       Our colors are not Just for women, you can use them on men as well. Maybe you just want that color kicked up a notch, well ... what are you waiting for its free! Test out some New Hair Colors with deep conditioning formulas that will bring your hair back to life. click the link above go go go ....lol

Time to shape your Eybrows correctly


        When dealing with the frame of your face the first thing you think of is Eyebrows.
Your eyebrows make your very first expression and last expressions.  You know that expression, you only have one chance to make a first impression. I believe that impression you leave on people have a lot to do with Your Eye Brows.
       You know what I'm talking about! Those women, cutting in line at the grocery store. They pass you and Giving you that look. You know that look? That Look that says "What,...what are you looking at?" Girl, before you get that tingling urge to slap her into next week! First calm down think to yourself... calmly and rationally,  That tramp didn't have to say one word. 
Do you see how Expressions make a difference? A poor woman was about to get the piss slapped out of her. 
      Eyebrows are the most sexiest area because you don't have to say anything. Or you can say a lot with a simple Eyebrow movement. They can say yes, yes, yes, when he says no, no , no. I'm kidding... Or, am I. Lets just say I can smile at my man, give him a little raise of my Eyebrow.  Baby, The man was feeling all sexy, and DIRTY,DIRTY.  Ah Uh,  He knows what time it is honey. Ok... Its  time for him to take out the trash because its trash day. I wasn't  playing with him!  He had better throw my trash!  But still honey he knows, That when I look at him like I'm feeling all sexy and freaky. He knows I'm going to ask him to do something or fix something.  Right, He recognizes my looks by now.  ha ha. I made myself laugh.



    I am a make up Artist From the Palm Desert California Area.  have been using Avon products for many years. I am sure we can all agree that Avon is one of the largest and trusted companies out here.  They formed that trust through one on one marketing and  service we provide. No company really does that anymore. You can now purchase your Avon products on the Internet through My web store which I personally think is a nice idea.
      I tried to separate the AVON cosmetics/makeup , ANEW Skin Care line,Mark cosmetic line and Jewelery,Fragrances,and the Clothing to make it easier to shop for you. I hope you find it easy. Avon has really established itself as a name brand, and  not only in the Cosmetic and in the Skin Care industry. but they do sell much much more.
      The ANEW Skin Care line is a line held under the Avon name.These Skin Care products rival  the  high end department store brands.   The Formulas of the ANEW Skin Care line carries a  Plethora  of amazing Formulas to help you achieve your skin care needs.
     They have exfoliator's , Eye repair serums, moisturizers galore at more affordable prices then department stores. The funny thing is their formulas do the same as  The ANEW Skin care line.  The creams,moisturizers and serums performances are very effective and fast results  in the fight of  anti aging, tightening and brightening those deep under eye discolorations. There are also skin correcting serums, creams  for  blemishes on the rest of your facial skin.  These skin care products have been tested and approved by Dermatologists from New York City and you know that they are the finest in there profession. Some said  it rejuvenates and revitalized their skin as if they had a full dermatological treatments on an on going basis. Such as those expensive chemical peels or microdermabrasions.  why get those harsh procedures done and then have to go into hiding for a few days when your skin can become ANEW.  
  Don't you hate it when you purchase something and it just didn't look like the color on the website or brochure, That has all been solved with High Definition. 
     High Definition  is a technology which allows you to see pictures and videos in a high quality resolution.
      Resolution allows you to see a detail of a digital image, digital video image or digital film image.  The Higher the resolution the more detail.  For example if your watching a the news, their usually using high definition cameras these days for your programming pleasure. It allows you to feel as if the news anchor is right in your living room. The High resolution remember allows you to see the details, so you will be able to see her fine lines and wrinkles if she is not using a good makeup,cosmetic and skin care program. 
    The reason why I explained this to you is because Avon has used this High Definition Technology in  their website pictures and in their brochures.  This technology allows you to see our true deep, rich, and vibrant  colors without holding  them in your hand. The pictures of the cosmetics/Makeup and skin care are true to the colors of the shadows, Lipsticks, blushes, brow/lip pencils, and especially the foundations. So that is how Avon is able to achieve , what you see is definitely what you get.
      The colors are even precise in the Jewelry department, fragrances, Men's department, clothing and finally house firnishings. 





     Choices! Everyone is telling us this cosmetic is better then that one. That one better then this one. Do you ever find yourself  Standing in the middle of a cosmetic or department  store trying to make decisions.  The only decision I know i wanna make is  to ditch the chick with the with the perfume, Really do they really need to spray everyone as thy pass by. Wow, this woman is a little can we say a little obsessive compulsive. "Hay lady, I don't feel like smelling like cheap hooker today." Don't worry, I didn't say it out loud I know she is just doing her job.
Besides, I understand its probably the girls first job. She wants to be good at what she does so she can get a better position in the store. Jobs are very hard to come by these days and you have to start some where, Right. I can tell you about my story but you wouldn't believe me .
     I know you ask yourself the same questions do we really need all this makeup,cosmetics stuff?
 No, not really but they like to make you think that you do. For instance  Remember when Translucent powders were all the rage? Everyone needed the Translucent powder and puff. Then came to find out that its was white scented powder. NO powder is translucent, translucent suppose to be Uh.. translucent.
      That's were the saying I'm taking a powder came form by the way. Women always were being accused of being  little DIRTY, DIRTIES back in the day. Yeah, apparently putting white powder on your face would get you accused of a lot of things. Oh, honey, Do you have a little powder blending problem that Betty Ford can help you with?   I had to brake the news to a lot of my clients and I would make my own until they came out with more colors. Now, You have colored powders that match skin tones. Now they are called pressed powders .. Anything to make money honey. The  cosmetics industry is a Multi-Billion dollar industry.