Avon and base and primers


 A primer is a cosmetic cream that can be purchased and used as a barrier for your face. A primer is also formulated to help your makeup stay longer because of its moisturizing quality to it. There are lid and face Primers. But, to tell  you the truth, The facial primer and the lid primer is the exact formula. They just market them in different jars to make you believe that you need that too.
      The fact is that everything has a purpose but, think about it before you add another product to your face. Do I need a primer? the answer is not really  IF... your going out and you know your going to build layers of  product.  Or you use a lot of product to conceal your blemishes.
      Again Primer is your barrier between you and the foundation. Think of it this way  you don't paint a car without using a primer first. Not that your face is a car, but if you need good coverage makeup do to imperfections that you want to hide. If you know your going to be using  a lot  product, then purchase the primer. It will help smooth out your makeup. How it does this is Imagine a painter, a painter starts on a white fresh clean surface. Although primers are not colored it coats the face with fillers and creates a barrier so you have a smoother surface to work on. But you need to think is my pores being effected by this? Yes, you need to think  that everything has a functionality. A moisturizer before the primer would be the best.
     A Clean fresh face, over your moisturizer.  you can use a messaging motion to apply  it to your face. More is not better so don't go over board you will just be wasting your product.  Always let every step of your makeup dry as you add another product. You always want to make sure your products are dry before adding another element or putting another product on.
       Make sure all the primer is dry, If you choose to skip the primer you can if your using a Moisturizer with S.P.F. Sun Protection Formula.  As for me I don't us primers unless I'm doing theatrical makeup.  For commercials or stuff like that were your going to wear a heavy make up.

           I like to Categorize Matte  Foundations Under Favorites. the reason is they go so well together. Let me explain, A  matte foundations is  formulated to give you a No shine look. These foundations have long wear,  And you can get wonderful coverage. The Matte foundations come in all your pigments (color) that your looking for. Unlike oil foundation, I find Matte foundations are a thicker formula and this allows for better coverage. The Matte foundations tend to be a bit more on the dryer side. This is because unlike oil based you have a an elastic wear to it. It becomes a second skin if you will. Some matte foundations turn to powder when applied which allows for our skin to breathe. But some don't.
          The H.D. makeups are matte's as well they are for a light weight feel but formulated to give you the same coverage as regular matte do. But like H. D. means High Definition, it is meant to give you the one cosmetic is all you need. As I like to call it, I'm not really wearing any makeup look.  That's how light weight it is. You can use your favorite pigmented (color) powder for extra coverage and touch ups. I like to use a good Matte foundation with a good powder just in case.
     I realize we all like to have maximum coverage, If this is the case and you  don't want to look like your wearing makeup/ cosmetics. So the trick is in the Application.

Applying Foundation:

       When applying your foundation their are two ways to use the Makeup/cosmetic Product. There are several No, No's and using your fingers to apply as if your using some kind of moisturizer is not the way we go about it. You want to use either us a Brush or you can use a sponge.
     When using a Sponge, pour a dime size on your Sponge and use a patting or tapping motion. A little will go a long way with this adding technique. Patting or Tapping make sure your get all of your face covered to your desired coverage. This technique will get the makeup distributed evenly and you can always add more coverage to the areas that you feel nese attention.  The other Technique I like is the painting technique. Using a Foundation brush, you will add a dime size to your brush and then using small strokes brush it on.With the brushing technique, make sure that you blend well otherwise you will have more coverage in some areas then others. Either way is effective but I find you have more control if you use the Patting or tapping technique. Try them both out.