What is exfoliators used for


       Exfoliation   involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's Epidermis layer. The Process of removing this dead skin has been around since Ancient Egypt.  Kings, Queens other members of society were always on the hunt for the fountain of youth, that special elixir. The kings, Queen’s, other members of Royalty adopted these skin care techniques that were once part of the Egyptian pharaohs and queens, daily own skin care practices.   These Skin care techniques prolong skins aging wrinkling, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. These sun damage imperfections can be treated by Exfoliation and other skin care products.  Exfoliate removes these imperfections and brightens and tightens. Leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated!
      Scientists and Doctors are always developing new Exfoliation cosmetic formulas to maintain your Healthy skin types.   These products now being developed are not just geared towards women.  Dermatologists are reporting more, and more men are making appearances in their offices.  This leads me to believe, men are caring just a little bit more about their appearance and that’s ok.  Well I say, "It's about time!" They are now making Products geared towards men more, then before.  Products for Men, do make it easier for those men to come out of hiding  because  they too, what to look younger and feel better about their skin.  I think Men are Finally realizing that companies are taking an interest in what’s in their best interests. Men have been using shaving cream and  a aftershave, thinking it was taboo for them to use a moisturizer or exfoliator.  Some men find it taboo to use skin care products. But you must See the Avon Products For men, they are very masculine in look but the most important part is the formulas. 

     The formulas of the men skin care line is very Strong , they  are dermatologist tested and approved.  They can are equal to the designer brands that you see at the department stores.  
 The use for Exfoliates is because your skin pushes up dead skin cells. Everyone needs should to Exfoliate (remove) these dead cells.  It's is necessary for you to remove those dead cells that your body pushes up because it allows your skin to breath.  Exfoliating removes the dead skin from you pores that can cause acne.  Your skin becomes soft,tone, stimulate collagen in your skin. This will fight the aging process by reducing fine lines and winkles. As an added benefit for men, using an Exfoliator removes dead skin from your facial hair follicles. No more ingrown hairs and get better shavings, better beard growths. This is true for the Trans Community as well If, you have not had your Laser hair removal. 
     You can get a good Exfoliation from getting a microdermabrasion service. That is a service where they use a suction machine with crystal dust. Microderm's are basically a sandblasting service that removes the dead cells by force.  It is Harsh to your face and Not all Facials involved the process of microderm's, You may need to ask for them, But they are well worth it. I personally think they are but you only should get one on a bi yearly basis.  People benefit from the microdermabrasions for fighting the aging process. It stimulates the collagen growth and you know it all will help with fine lines and wrinkles. Men will benefit from microdermabrasions, Because it is an exfoliation process. But I like to use a daily cleanser with and exfoliation element rather then, getting miroderm’s every month.
      There are chemical peels at Med-spa's.These are a little more harsher, they use chemicals to remove by the dead skin by forcing it off with a burning chemical.  You can Really harm your skin, but these are worth it as well. You have a very good chance of your skin changing color and the dead skin fall off. So if you do the chemical peel don't get frightened if your skin turns black and blue and purple. I suggest if you are going to do that, use a very good SPF (sun protection formula) on your face from Avon. They have a great Sun screen, use it after the procedure and stay out of the sun as much as possible. But there are products in the Anew skin Care Line That not only Clam But will perform the duties of removing your dead skin and exfoliate your skin in a more gentle way and healthier way. Then using The chemical peel. But it is up to you.
     All of your Exfoliate procedures don't  have to be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.  You will be very Impressed, the Anew Skin Care line and cosmetics from Avon. The Anew Skin care Line from Avon is made to treat all skin types and any skin problem. The Anew line is very economical and gentle on your skin.  These products do Exfoliate just as well as the high end brands you might find at your department store. The reason why is they happen to use quality formulas, That are Dermatologist tested and approved.  I hope that was helpful.